5 Spots To Reconnect With Nature Near Mexico City

Who said that in CDMX we don’t have good mountain trails? There is a lot of nature near Mexico City, even within the city itself. In case you haven’t visited Mexico before, it has good trekking tourism. And it is that who does not like to escape from the city from time to time to take a break, connect with its wilder side, and listen to a good song while enjoying the scenery and fresh air?

Well, today we come to tell you the 5 best spots and routes near the city so that you can take that rest and get back in touch with mother earth.

Young man stands on top of a clif at Los Dinamos in Mexico City and takes a picture with a drone.
Picture by moytriana (https://www.instagram.com/moytriana/)

Los Dinamos (24 km from CDMX)

This place within Mexico City is a spectacular natural setting since it not only has a beautiful forest where you can enjoy nature but in it, we can find the only living river that exists in Mexico City. It is also 100% recommended for spending time with the family and doing various activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, zip-lining. There are hiking trails for both amateurs and several kilometers for experts, along the river.

How to get there?

The easiest is with a car or Uber. This is where you should go.

Nouer Tip: For trekking, we recommend going to the 5th Dinamo, and the best area to have a picnic and fewer people is Dinamo 4.

Young woman hikes through the Natural Park Desierto de Los Leones in Mexico City on a cold weekend.
Picture by _ingrid_mv (https://www.instagram.com/_ingrid_mv/)

Desierto de Los Leones (33 km from CDMX)

Another of the green paradises near the city is characterized by having a beautiful wooded area where you can breathe fresh air. The old monks’ convent creates a magical atmosphere in the area, that can be felt with the naked eye. Also, you can find the Cerro de San Miguel with a very easy ascent and descent in a single day. It also has many trails for mountain bike routes for both beginners and experts.

How to get there?

The easiest is with an Uber or by car. You must be careful that you are going to the ‘Desierto de Los Leones National Park’ because it is a very large area.

Nouer Tip: At the end of these routes, you can eat some incredible quesadillas, and if you want, you can also rent cabins to camp very close to the city. Just a few minutes from Santa Fe.

Young womaen stands on top of the Tepozteco mountain in Mexico. While posing in a dress.
Picture by mxcharlie (https://www.instagram.com/mxcharlie/)

Tepozteco (80 km from CDMX)

Some of the best views that you will be able to see are found at the top of Tepozteco. The road is not easy at all. It is special for people that are not used to hiking and trekking since there are almost 1700 steps, but the prize is incredible. The ruins are very well cared for, and the vibe that is breathed up there is without a doubt magical. You can also find rural fauna such as coatis. This is another example of beautiful nature near Mexico City.

How to get there? You need to drive about 1 hour from Mexico City, in the direction of Tepoztlán. You can also take an ADO (Bus) that leaves you in town.

Nouer Tip: Going up to Tepozteco is 2 and a half hours up and another 2 and a half down, but it is a very rewarding experience. We recommend you go up early, as it is extremely hot at noon. There are no steps in most of the hill, so it is good to wear comfortable shoes, and also bring your water to hydrate yourself along the way.

Youn woman with a beautiful hat showing peace sign at Peña de Bernal y Queretaro, Mexico.
Picture by @monica_menmal (https://www.instagram.com/monica_menmal/)

La Peña de Bernal (233 km from CDMX)

Being the third-largest monolith in the world, it is a place that perfectly combines nature in its maximum splendor and the charm of its beautiful little town. You can carry out activities such as climbing, even routes for people more used to trekking. The climb is quite complicated to the top, but there are routes to see the views from different points of the mountain.

How to get there? How to get? You can take a car to drive there. They are about 3 hours away since it is in another state. But is it worth it. You can also take an ADO (bus) to Querétaro.

Nouer Tip: It is a place full of options. If not only you fancy adventure, this place offers you the little town at the foot of the rock where you can walk the streets full of music in the afternoons and its typical foods, such as the gorditas that are exquisite. PS: its streets are super photogenic!

Man in a pool near a forest in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. Cold weather and a lake in the background
Picture by gabocibrian (https://www.instagram.com/gabocibrian/)

Valle de Bravo (140 km from CDMX)

Fully recommended to go to spend a weekend with friends and family. The good thing about the valley is that you will be able to do all kinds of activities: from climbing to hiking trails to admire the viewpoints from the various forests, waterfalls, to routes for experienced trekking, running, and cycling. It is one of the most complete spots adapted to all types of travelers who want to enjoy Mexican nature.

Nouer Tip: For us, the best place to disconnect a weekend from the hustle and bustle of CDMX, that’s why it is one of the favorites of the residents of the capital. You really can find almost any outdoor sports thanks to its versatility (lake, mountain, forest, magical town) is a perfect combination to rest a weekend in nature.

Connecting with nature is an important part of traveling, absorbing the landscape, the weather, and the vibes. The secret to a complete trip is to give yourself these rural getaways. Give yourself the opportunity to be in the moment and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of our country and all of the nature near Mexico City.

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