Recommendations Travel During Covid19

There are More ‘Pueblos magicos’ In Mexico other than San Miguel

Pueblo Mágico is a place full of history; they show the essence and the Mexican national identity. In them, we can find special magic in their symbols, their legends, and that emanates the Mexican imaginary so attractive to both local and foreign tourists. It is the best alternative to soak up Mexican culture and history.

Some experts say that tourism will recover little by little, and one of the main ways to join us will be by land travel. Visiting places where we arrive by car and doing a kind of road trip. And of course, traveling with few people to respect health security measures.

Remember that all the places that we recommend have all the security measures (healthy distance, face masks, masks, antibacterial gel, hand washing, etc.)

Val´Quirico, Puebla

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First of all, I need you to visualize this scenario in your head:

You have had heavy weeks, with work, exams, paperwork, or whatever, and you are already urging it to be Friday. The day arrives, you are already on the road to Val´Quirico in Puebla, with two-three friends who joined the plan. You arrived at the hotel / Airbnb / home, get everything out of the car, settle in, lie down for a little while to rest, and at night, you pour a bottle of wine and have a comfortable talking.

On Saturday, you go out (with all the security measures) to walk around in the little town. Then you got to eat in a restaurant, have a cool time, disconnect from routine life. These are days of rest and relax, and on Sunday you return fresh to continue with life. Isn’t it great? The thing is to go for a walk, get away from everyday life, and go back to have fun visiting new places.

Tzibanza Island, Querétaro

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For quiet and more isolated places, this is the best option. Get back all that time and energy that the homeschool/home office is taking from you. “Disconnect to connect” That’s what it’s all about. It is necessary to bear in mind that life can now be very exhausting; you need to clear up, have time for yourself, or even escape for a few days with your partner, to get out of the routine.

This is a place where you can be isolated and further away from society. Enter into a full relaxation mode and enjoy the shore of the lake. You can get so calm and peaceful that you can even forget about daily life.

Valle de Bravo

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You can go around the whole town and visit the shops where they sell all kinds of souvenirs; or you can also grab it to do a little more different activities ( some very extreme) such as taking a walk, sailing, paragliding, doing water sports, hiking in the mountains, or going for a run and doing many outdoor activities and always in contact with nature. Consider it a detox from all the pollution in the city. Go with your friends, family, your partner, or with whoever you want, but escape for a few days.

Peña de Bernal, Querétaro

Peña de Bernal is in Querétaro, and they say that it is a true peace of heaven; ideal to rest and recharge with energy. To make it a different plan from the previous ones, here you can visit the vineyards that are very close to the town. You can also buy all kinds of handicrafts, walk through the streets and find accommodation in hotels with a view of La Peña. If this is your plan, I recommend wearing comfortable shoes because the walks you are going to take can be heavy.

Anyway, Mexico has many more ‘Pueblos Mágicos‘ than San Miguel de Allende, although it is an incredible place too. You always have to keep in mind that this situation has been difficult for everyone, and it is important to be as healthy as possible, both physically and mentally. To clear up, relax, the disconnect will always be a good option, no matter if it is a weekend, a week or two, the joke is to get out of the routine from time to time, change of scene, and most importantly enjoy it and return to 100%.

BTW … out there, they say that what we enjoy the most is what we know has an end, that is the reason why we take advantage of every second of travel and remember it as excellent experiences.

I’m Mariana and I’m Nouer! You still don’t know what that is? Check it here and join!