You’ve arrived at Mexico’s Airport. Now What?

You arrived at CDMX, probably after a long, tiring, or even boring trip. I am sure that what you want most now is to arrive at your accommodation in an Airbnb, hotel, house of a friend or relative to leave your things and go out to walk the streets of Mexico City. Maybe there was a problem with your flight and you did not arrive for check-in time, the Airbnb host does not answer, or your friend had an emergency and is not at home. So here are our recommendations on what to do once you’ve arrived at Mexico’s Airport.

To be honest, it is something we all want, but sometimes it does not turn out as expected, something always happens that changes our plans and we have to improvise as we go.

The truth is that anything can happen, I always say that “you have to hope for the best and be prepared for the worst”, that’s why I share a couple of things you can do after landing in Mexico City if something did not turn out as you expected.

Make time at the airport

To leave Mexico’s airport once you’ve arrived and go to your accommodation is a priority and there are many options regarding transportation. There are public ones, such as the subway or bus and also taxis, uber or you can even rent a car.

Prices vary and there are alternatives for all budgets. For example to the downtown area (Condesa, Roma, Centro, Polanco):

  • Uber – $ 220 pesos (12 USD)
  • Metrobus: $ 6 pesos (0.3 USD)
  • Airport Taxi: $ 300 (15 USD)

The important thing is that the airport is very well connected to the center and you can be at your destination in 20-30 minutes depending on the current traffic.

Check-in early

In some hotels you can check-in ahead of time and leave your luggage in the lobby, it is something that does not convince me, but it is an option if you are eager to get to know the streets of CDMX, or also if you have many things and it is uncomfortable for you to move with a suitcase.

If you want to do this, remember to call the hotel to advise or see if it is possible.

Talk to a local friend

Mexico City is big, it hides many places and experiences, the Nouers know each one of them, from our app you can talk to one of them and ask them what places they recommend visiting according to your interests and what you like. Remember that once you’ve arrived at Mexico’s Airport your trip has already started! No time to waste!

Believe me that endless talks can come out as if you were talking to a friend. Take advantage of every moment since you land in CDMX and don’t waste time. Download the application, register for free as a traveler, and enjoy your destination. Everything you are looking for is a message away.

Start here.

My recommendation

As I said before, anything can happen, and it is important to remain calm, what I do in these cases is take an Uber to a coffee shop near the hotel or Airbnb and wait there.

There is usually wifi, I can charge my phone and rest while having a coffee. Once calm, it is a matter of asking if the problem is solved or not, it is usually solved quickly, but in very rare cases that it is not, and it is a big problem, we have to find a solution on our own.

I’m Joel and I’m a Nouer, I hope my recommendations on what to do when you arrive in Mexico City help you. Remember that you are in control and you decide what to do, but I think the knowledge of local people like me is never too much.

I wish you a happy trip and i’ll see you in the App!