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Travelpass: Get Rewards

In this article we are going to tell you all the secrets of the Travelpass, how to use it, what it is, what it contains and why it is so important both within Noua and for our Nouers!

As you all know, our Nouers always offer the best tips and advice so that you can live a unique travel experience tailored to your tastes, that is why they, as good connoisseurs and recommendations of their city, need to be motivated, and that is where the creation of our TravelPass, the place where you can get all the rewards for our thanks to the excellent service they provide to travelers.

How does this TravelPass work?

Very simple, within the app, in your Nouer profile you can find a section where you can see the points you have available to be able to redeem them on your Travelpass. These points will be obtained thanks to your excellent service Te Nouer, recommending and ensuring that your traveler has the best possible travel experience and that he leaves your city with the best taste in your mouth and with the conception that he has lived it as a authentic local person. In addition to the points received for your excellent service, you can earn points by participating in our Giveaways, Nouers challenges and being an active part of our community.

What are these rewards about in TravelPass?

In our TravelPass you will find rewards to redeem within your city or the country to which you belong. These rewards can range from discounts on certain services, to free experiences of all kinds: gastronomic, tourist … Even great rewards such as free nights in hotels, discounts on flights and accommodation … You can redeem the points that will appear at the bottom of your profile de Nouer to your liking in all the experiences you want. As if it were a credit card, the more points you have, the greater rewards you can choose. You have to be attentive and review your TravelPass from time to time in order to be eligible for the best experiences that will change and grow as time goes by.

Another of the important tips of the TravelPass is that when you are a first-class Nouer and accumulate enough points and experience as a recommender, you can also choose to use the international Travelpass and exchange your points for international experiences outside your city or country.

Ready to live with Noua and our TravelPass the best experiences in your city? Become Nouer today and start earning points from the first moment on our App!