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The Covid-19 Is Still Here, But You Can Now Travel in Mexico

What is going on?

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 is a reality and it is here to stay. It is inevitable, but what if we have to learn to live with it as much as possible and, of course, taking all preventive measures in the face of this.
Mexico has been preparing little by little to receive all those foreigners who are about to visit us, therefore there are cities that have opened their doors and there are others that have not.

In Mexico, an “Epidemiological Risk Traffic Light” system is used and it is a way to regulate the reactivation of different activities according to the risk of contagion per state. This has 4 colors; Red, Orange, Yellow and Green. The Red indicates total closure with strictly necessary exceptions, the orange color allows the reactivation of essential economic activities with 30% personnel in person (only if necessary), public spaces with a reduced capacity and always with protective measures, the yellow color allows all work activities as long as they comply with the basic protection measures and always taking care of the high-risk population, and the green color enables all activities, including school activities, to be reactivated.

Stay safe

And now you will ask yourself: What are the basic protection measures? Well, these are the use of compulsory mouth masks at all times and in all spaces, be they public, outdoors, etc. There is antibacterial gel at the entrance and exit of any place you enter as well as the temperature taking to allow the passage, the healthy minimum distance of two meters between each person and, if a space is closed, have it ventilated at all times with open windows for air circulation.

Now let’s talk about the tourism industry. In order to reactivate tourist activities little by little, the Health Safety Seal was invented, which guarantees that it is a place that complies with all the protocols imposed by the authorities. Some of the places that already have this seal are Cancun, Mérida, Campeche, La Riviera Maya, Nayarit, Los cabos. At the moment, some of the measures taken are that for all restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, etc., only

It allows a maximum capacity of 30% and, if it is the case, there cannot be more than two people per table, this to avoid saturation and create a focus of infection. In cases such as hostels or Airbnb it is a little different, some have a maximum of people and for a limited time, that is, you can not rent for more than 15 days and others do not, but all have the necessary sanitary measures.
As we know, the airport is one of the places with the highest risk of contagion due to the amount of traffic there is per day, however they also do their best to stay safe, passing relevant information at all times through the screens that there are as symptoms , what to do, who to approach, etc. In all the filters they take your temperature, they give you antibacterial gel, and like everywhere else, the use of face masks and a mask is mandatory. They even give you, before and after boarding, a physical and digital form in which they ask you if you were in contact with any confirmed person of COVID-19, if you have any symptoms, etc. These measures are at all airports, whether you have a direct flight or make a connection to some other destination.

What now?

The new normal is incredible. Sometimes you want to believe that you are dreaming and that this is all just a bad joke, but unfortunately it is not. We have to learn to live with this, normalize to some extent, and start coming back with our lives. If we take care of ourselves and take all the measures and protocols, the faster we return to travel and live more peacefully. But if there is one thing we can be sure of, it is that everything is leaving a lot to learn, we are opening our eyes to what we were doing wrong, we will be much more aware and careful about everything and also … Better things are coming!