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friend in your destination, through our app

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Why do you need Noua?

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Unlock the full potential of your travels
Recommendations, advice, tips or a fun fact about your destination. All done remotely through our app. Every answer you need at the tip of your fingers, and curated by a local friend.

Take control over your safety and activities
You won't depend on anyone, just live your life, on your terms with the confidence that you have a local that has your back on the other side of the screen.

Take out the stress
Avoid the unnecessary stress of having to do research on your next destination with information that may or may not be accurate. Hundreds of reviews and countless ads over flowing in your screen.

Fast Quality information
We coined the concept after discovering the 3 ingredients that create an amazing experience when traveling: Human Interactions, Quality of Information and Fast Paced back and forth

Get a unique and warm experience

Travel with people, not websites


Discovers new places with the knowledge of a local friend, before or during the trip


Recommends the best places, hidden gems and treasure places of their country or city

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We connect travelers with local people that have the same likes, to help them plan their trips

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Save money

Know the best time, way and day to visit your favorite places. Our service is free

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Travel Safe

Know if the places you really want to visit are actually nouer approved

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