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Why information overload can ruin your next trip

I  just got a notification from Hopper (We can have an entire conversation on why Hopper is te best plane ticket app but just trust me on this one), telling me that my next trip to Playa del Carmen near Cancun is almost here. Then Google Trips app picks this up and suddenly starts showing me all the stuff that I can do. Before I realized I’m deep into the internet and I’m getting suggestions on places to eat, whee I should go out dancing and drinking, day itineraries, attractions, best beaches.

I’m scrolling down a blog post with what is allegedly the best places to eat, but, how could they possibly know. I don’t even like the same things as my sister and we are family. How can a blog post assume I’m going to like the local food, without knowing who I am. Besides,  1,000 allegedly best places to eat. How am I supposed to know what’s true?

I was so overwhelmed I closed my laptop, and I had a very weird feeling. Turns out I had just experienced information overload.

What the heck is that?

Information overload is what happens when you have thousands and thousands of pieces of content being written every day. Hundreds of reviews and countless ads trying to get you to go somewhere or do something. This induces anxiety and stress into what should be filled with excitement and anticipation. 

The problem with information overload

Having too much information at hand can set unrealistic expectations about what your trip will look like, according to the internet. You might be thinking you’ll have an amazing experience because of the pictures you saw on someone’s blog or Instagram. Destination pictures almost always represent the exotic, savory side of life in a particular city, sadly, in the,  almost always turns out to be what you’ve built up in your mind. You can end up extremely disappointed of what was supposed to be an awesome trip.

When you are over-informed about your destination, the opportunity for spontaneous happy accidents is diminished. Those how-did-this-happen moments that take you out of your routine and turn into memories and then anecdotes that you tell everyone when you return home. Most of the best travel experiences are random, unplanned, and are usually linked with local life and discovery you made. It can be a flavor, an ingredient, a,  even a monument. This thrilling discoveries often can be the highlight of your trip.

This is where it gets worse. Sometimes by doing too much,  are reliving someone else complete travel experience, before even giving yourself the chance of making your own. It’s like following someone else’s recipe or purchasing a book with someone else sidenotes. You will end up living the exact same experience as someone else who already wrote about it. And you will never be absolutely sure if your thoughts and impressions are really your own. 

Research can help, it’s not bad

Wow, this got very deep very quickly, let’s lighten up again. I can’t say that there isn’t an argument for doing research. Maybe if you are going somewhere where you can’t even communicate because of a language barrier. Or you are going on a very routine-y vacation. Heck, even if you are a solo traveler, I think it is important to understand where you are going and what you are getting into. If you travel alone, many of your interactions will be with local people, it’s important to know about customs and mannerisms as well as some political stances to make sure you don’t get into trouble. 

So turns out this, too, is all about balance. You can choose to go with an all-inclusive resort that you hardly have to leave or a travel agency that has everything done for you and you just hop in for a ride. You can also choose to do your own research and hop between towns and destinations. You can also hire a travel consultant that will help you out with problems that may arise. The thing is that all this is expensive when you travel on a budget it can get hard. 

Find balance and have a great time

This is where we come in, Noua offers the possibility of matching with a Nouer (learn who they are here) they will lend a helping hand and navigate with you the information overflow that currently exists. Get actual must-sees. Learn how a local stay’s safe but still, parties all night. Where you can eat a delicious meal and get insider tips to avoid overly touristy places. All done through our app, and remotely. You are always in control.

Stay clear of all the fake news and irrelevant blog posts. Welcome to the next generation of travel, where we travel with people. Not websites. 

Stay safe out there.

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There are More ‘Pueblos magicos’ In Mexico other than San Miguel

Pueblo Mágico is a place full of history; they show the essence and the Mexican national identity. In them, we can find special magic in their symbols, their legends, and that emanates the Mexican imaginary so attractive to both local and foreign tourists. It is the best alternative to soak up Mexican culture and history.

Some experts say that tourism will recover little by little, and one of the main ways to join us will be by land travel. Visiting places where we arrive by car and doing a kind of road trip. And of course, traveling with few people to respect health security measures.

Remember that all the places that we recommend have all the security measures (healthy distance, face masks, masks, antibacterial gel, hand washing, etc.)

Val´Quirico, Puebla

Picture by itzelgarr (

First of all, I need you to visualize this scenario in your head:

You have had heavy weeks, with work, exams, paperwork, or whatever, and you are already urging it to be Friday. The day arrives, you are already on the road to Val´Quirico in Puebla, with two-three friends who joined the plan. You arrived at the hotel / Airbnb / home, get everything out of the car, settle in, lie down for a little while to rest, and at night, you pour a bottle of wine and have a comfortable talking.

On Saturday, you go out (with all the security measures) to walk around in the little town. Then you got to eat in a restaurant, have a cool time, disconnect from routine life. These are days of rest and relax, and on Sunday you return fresh to continue with life. Isn’t it great? The thing is to go for a walk, get away from everyday life, and go back to have fun visiting new places.

Tzibanza Island, Querétaro

Picture By Diario de Una Mexicana (

For quiet and more isolated places, this is the best option. Get back all that time and energy that the homeschool/home office is taking from you. “Disconnect to connect” That’s what it’s all about. It is necessary to bear in mind that life can now be very exhausting; you need to clear up, have time for yourself, or even escape for a few days with your partner, to get out of the routine.

This is a place where you can be isolated and further away from society. Enter into a full relaxation mode and enjoy the shore of the lake. You can get so calm and peaceful that you can even forget about daily life.

Valle de Bravo

Picture by ijohnbeck (

You can go around the whole town and visit the shops where they sell all kinds of souvenirs; or you can also grab it to do a little more different activities ( some very extreme) such as taking a walk, sailing, paragliding, doing water sports, hiking in the mountains, or going for a run and doing many outdoor activities and always in contact with nature. Consider it a detox from all the pollution in the city. Go with your friends, family, your partner, or with whoever you want, but escape for a few days.

Peña de Bernal, Querétaro

Peña de Bernal is in Querétaro, and they say that it is a true peace of heaven; ideal to rest and recharge with energy. To make it a different plan from the previous ones, here you can visit the vineyards that are very close to the town. You can also buy all kinds of handicrafts, walk through the streets and find accommodation in hotels with a view of La Peña. If this is your plan, I recommend wearing comfortable shoes because the walks you are going to take can be heavy.

Anyway, Mexico has many more ‘Pueblos Mágicos‘ than San Miguel de Allende, although it is an incredible place too. You always have to keep in mind that this situation has been difficult for everyone, and it is important to be as healthy as possible, both physically and mentally. To clear up, relax, the disconnect will always be a good option, no matter if it is a weekend, a week or two, the joke is to get out of the routine from time to time, change of scene, and most importantly enjoy it and return to 100%.

BTW … out there, they say that what we enjoy the most is what we know has an end, that is the reason why we take advantage of every second of travel and remember it as excellent experiences.

I’m Mariana and I’m Nouer! You still don’t know what that is? Check it here and join!


En México hay más pueblos mágicos. No solo San Miguel

Los pueblos mágicos son lugares repletos de historia, muestran la esencia y la identidad nacional mexicana, en ellos podemos encontrar una magia especial en sus símbolos, sus leyendas y que emanan ese imaginario mexicano tan atractivo tanto para turistas locales cómo extranjeros. Es la mejor alternativa para empaparte de la cultura e historia Mexicana.

Algunos expertos dicen que el turismo se irá recuperando poco a poco y una de las principales formas de incorporarnos será por viajes terrestres. Visitar lugares a donde lleguemos en carro y haciendo una especie de road trips, y por supuesto viajar con pocas personas para respetar las medidas de seguridad sanitaria.

Recuerda que todos los lugares que te recomendamos son pensados con todas las medidas de seguridad (sana distancia, cubrebocas, caretas, gel antibacterial, lavado de manos, etc)

Val´Quirico, Puebla

Un pequeño pueblo magico que nos recuerda a un paisaje de la Toscana en Italia
Fotografía por itzelgarr (

Primero que nada necesito que visualices este escenario en tu cabeza: 

Has tenido semanas pesadas, con trabajo, entregas, exámenes, trámites o lo que sea y ya te urge que sea viernes. Llega el día y ya estás en la carretera hacia Val´Quirico en Puebla con dos tres amigos que se juntaron al plan. Llegan al hotel/Airbnb/casa, bajan todo del coche, se instalan, se acuestan un ratito a descansar y en la noche se echan una botella de vino, están muy agusto platicando.

El sábado salen (con todas las medidas de seguridad) a caminar por el pueblito, comen en un restaurante, la pasan cool, se desconectan de la vida rutinaria, son días de descanso y más relajado y el domingo ya te regresas fresco para seguir con la vida. ¿A poco no está rico el plan?

El punto aquí es salir a pasear, alejarte un poco de la vida diaria, y volver a pasarla bien visitando lugares nuevos. 

Isla Tzibanza, Querétaro

Increible isla islada en Queretaro, ideal para escaparse de la ciudad y la vida urbana
Fotografía por Diario de Una Mexicana (

Para lugares tranquilos y más aislados, esta es la mejor opción. Recupera todo ese tiempo y esa energía que el homeschool/homeoffice te está quitando. Aplica la frase de “desconectar para conectar”. Es totalmente necesario tener en cuenta que la vida ahora puede ser muy agotadora, necesitas despejarte, tener tiempo para tí, o incluso escápate unos días con tu pareja y salgan de la rutina. Literalmente es un lugar donde puedes estar aislado y más alejado de la sociedad. Entra en modo relajación full y disfruta de un chapuzón en la orilla del lago. Estás tan tranquilo y con mucha paz que hasta se te olvida que hay un virus que se la ha pasado arruinando nuestros planes.Un lugar único en nuestra lista de pueblos mágicos que te quitarán el aliento.

Valle de Bravo

Una calle de Valle de bravo, mostrando toda su belleza y la razon por la cual es un pueblo magico
Fotografía de ijohnbeck (

Si eres de los que les gusta un clima más frío, días nublados y lluviosos, deja de buscar más opciones y vete ya a Valle de Bravo. Está opción puede ser un poco más turístico, puedes recorrer todo el pueblito y visitar las tiendas en donde venden todo tipo de souvenirs o también lo puedes agarrar para hacer actividades un poco más diferentes (y algunas muy extremas) como pasear un rato por lancha, aventarte de parapente, deportes acuáticos, caminar por la montaña o salir a correr y hacer muchas actividades al aire libre y siempre en contacto con la naturaleza.

Considéralo como un detox de toda la contaminación de la ciudad. Lánzate con tus amigos, con tu familia, con tu pareja o con quien quieras, pero escápate unos días.

Peña de bernal, Querétaro

Mujer joven en la Peña de Bernal en mexico disfrutando de un elote en verano
Fotografía de paolacantur (

Es verdad que los lugares para pueblear, relajarse y despejarse no paran en México. Peña de Bernal está en Querétaro y por ahí dicen que es un verdadero refugio de tranquilidad, ideal para descansar y recargarse de energía. Para que sea un plan diferente a los anteriores, aquí puedes recorrer los viñedos que tienen muy cerca del pueblo, comprar todo tipo de artesanías, caminar por las calles y encontrarás hospedaje en hoteles con vista a La Peña. Si este es tu plan, te recomiendo llevar zapatos realmente cómodos porque las caminatas que te vas a echar pueden ser pesadas.

En fin, México tiene muchos más pueblos mágicos que San Miguel de Allende, aunque es increíble también. Siempre hay que tener en mente que esta situación es muy difícil para todos y es muy importante estar lo mejor posible tanto física como mentalmente y despejarte, relajarte, desconectarte siempre será una buena opción, no importa si es un fin de semana, una semana o dos, el chiste es salir de la rutina de vez en cuando, cambiar de aires y lo más importante que lo disfrutes y regreses al 100%.

BTW…por ahí dicen que lo que más disfrutamos es lo que sabemos que tiene un final, esa es la razón por la cual aprovechamos cada segundo de los viajes y lo recordamos como excelentes experiencias.

Soy Mariana y soy Nouer! Todavía no sabes que es eso? Checalo aquí y únete!


You’ve arrived at Mexico’s Airport. Now What?

You arrived at CDMX, probably after a long, tiring, or even boring trip. I am sure that what you want most now is to arrive at your accommodation in an Airbnb, hotel, house of a friend or relative to leave your things and go out to walk the streets of Mexico City. Maybe there was a problem with your flight and you did not arrive for check-in time, the Airbnb host does not answer, or your friend had an emergency and is not at home. So here are our recommendations on what to do once you’ve arrived at Mexico’s Airport.

To be honest, it is something we all want, but sometimes it does not turn out as expected, something always happens that changes our plans and we have to improvise as we go.

The truth is that anything can happen, I always say that “you have to hope for the best and be prepared for the worst”, that’s why I share a couple of things you can do after landing in Mexico City if something did not turn out as you expected.

Make time at the airport

To leave Mexico’s airport once you’ve arrived and go to your accommodation is a priority and there are many options regarding transportation. There are public ones, such as the subway or bus and also taxis, uber or you can even rent a car.

Prices vary and there are alternatives for all budgets. For example to the downtown area (Condesa, Roma, Centro, Polanco):

  • Uber – $ 220 pesos (12 USD)
  • Metrobus: $ 6 pesos (0.3 USD)
  • Airport Taxi: $ 300 (15 USD)

The important thing is that the airport is very well connected to the center and you can be at your destination in 20-30 minutes depending on the current traffic.

Check-in early

In some hotels you can check-in ahead of time and leave your luggage in the lobby, it is something that does not convince me, but it is an option if you are eager to get to know the streets of CDMX, or also if you have many things and it is uncomfortable for you to move with a suitcase.

If you want to do this, remember to call the hotel to advise or see if it is possible.

Talk to a Nouer

Mexico City is big, it hides many places and experiences, the Nouers know each one of them, from our app you can talk to one of them and ask them what places they recommend visiting according to your interests and what you like. Remember that once you’ve arrived at Mexico’s Airport your trip has already started! No time to waste!

Believe me that endless talks can come out as if you were talking to a friend. Take advantage of every moment since you land in CDMX and don’t waste time. Download the application, register for free as a traveler, and enjoy your destination. Everything you are looking for is a message away.

Start here.

My recommendation

As I said before, anything can happen, and it is important to remain calm, what I do in these cases is take an Uber to a coffee shop near the hotel or Airbnb and wait there.

There is usually wifi, I can charge my phone and rest while having a coffee. Once calm, it is a matter of asking if the problem is solved or not, it is usually solved quickly, but in very rare cases that it is not, and it is a big problem, we have to find a solution on our own.

I’m Joel and I’m a Nouer, I hope my recommendations on what to do when you arrive in Mexico City help you. Remember that you are in control and you decide what to do, but I think the knowledge of local people like me is never too much.

I wish you a happy trip and i’ll see you in the App!


5 Spots To Reconnect With Nature Near Mexico City

Who said that in CDMX we don’t have good mountain trails? There is a lot of nature near Mexico City, even within the city itself. In case you haven’t visited Mexico before, it has good trekking tourism. And it is that who does not like to escape from the city from time to time to take a break, connect with its wilder side, and listen to a good song while enjoying the scenery and fresh air?

Well, today we come to tell you the 5 best spots and routes near the city so that you can take that rest and get back in touch with mother earth.

Young man stands on top of a clif at Los Dinamos in Mexico City and takes a picture with a drone.
Picture by moytriana (

Los Dinamos (24 km from CDMX)

This place within Mexico City is a spectacular natural setting since it not only has a beautiful forest where you can enjoy nature but in it, we can find the only living river that exists in Mexico City. It is also 100% recommended for spending time with the family and doing various activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, zip-lining. There are hiking trails for both amateurs and several kilometers for experts, along the river.

How to get there?

The easiest is with a car or Uber. This is where you should go.

Nouer Tip: For trekking, we recommend going to the 5th Dinamo, and the best area to have a picnic and fewer people is Dinamo 4.

Young woman hikes through the Natural Park Desierto de Los Leones in Mexico City on a cold weekend.
Picture by _ingrid_mv (

Desierto de Los Leones (33 km from CDMX)

Another of the green paradises near the city is characterized by having a beautiful wooded area where you can breathe fresh air. The old monks’ convent creates a magical atmosphere in the area, that can be felt with the naked eye. Also, you can find the Cerro de San Miguel with a very easy ascent and descent in a single day. It also has many trails for mountain bike routes for both beginners and experts.

How to get there?

The easiest is with an Uber or by car. You must be careful that you are going to the ‘Desierto de Los Leones National Park’ because it is a very large area.

Nouer Tip: At the end of these routes, you can eat some incredible quesadillas, and if you want, you can also rent cabins to camp very close to the city. Just a few minutes from Santa Fe.

Young womaen stands on top of the Tepozteco mountain in Mexico. While posing in a dress.
Picture by mxcharlie (

Tepozteco (80 km from CDMX)

Some of the best views that you will be able to see are found at the top of Tepozteco. The road is not easy at all. It is special for people that are not used to hiking and trekking since there are almost 1700 steps, but the prize is incredible. The ruins are very well cared for, and the vibe that is breathed up there is without a doubt magical. You can also find rural fauna such as coatis. This is another example of beautiful nature near Mexico City.

How to get there? You need to drive about 1 hour from Mexico City, in the direction of Tepoztlán. You can also take an ADO (Bus) that leaves you in town.

Nouer Tip: Going up to Tepozteco is 2 and a half hours up and another 2 and a half down, but it is a very rewarding experience. We recommend you go up early, as it is extremely hot at noon. There are no steps in most of the hill, so it is good to wear comfortable shoes, and also bring your water to hydrate yourself along the way.

Youn woman with a beautiful hat showing peace sign at Peña de Bernal y Queretaro, Mexico.
Picture by @monica_menmal (

La Peña de Bernal (233 km from CDMX)

Being the third-largest monolith in the world, it is a place that perfectly combines nature in its maximum splendor and the charm of its beautiful little town. You can carry out activities such as climbing, even routes for people more used to trekking. The climb is quite complicated to the top, but there are routes to see the views from different points of the mountain.

How to get there? How to get? You can take a car to drive there. They are about 3 hours away since it is in another state. But is it worth it. You can also take an ADO (bus) to Querétaro.

Nouer Tip: It is a place full of options. If not only you fancy adventure, this place offers you the little town at the foot of the rock where you can walk the streets full of music in the afternoons and its typical foods, such as the gorditas that are exquisite. PS: its streets are super photogenic!

Man in a pool near a forest in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. Cold weather and a lake in the background
Picture by gabocibrian (

Valle de Bravo (140 km from CDMX)

Fully recommended to go to spend a weekend with friends and family. The good thing about the valley is that you will be able to do all kinds of activities: from climbing to hiking trails to admire the viewpoints from the various forests, waterfalls, to routes for experienced trekking, running, and cycling. It is one of the most complete spots adapted to all types of travelers who want to enjoy Mexican nature.

Nouer Tip: For us, the best place to disconnect a weekend from the hustle and bustle of CDMX, that’s why it is one of the favorites of the residents of the capital. You really can find almost any outdoor sports thanks to its versatility (lake, mountain, forest, magical town) is a perfect combination to rest a weekend in nature.

Connecting with nature is an important part of traveling, absorbing the landscape, the weather, and the vibes. The secret to a complete trip is to give yourself these rural getaways. Give yourself the opportunity to be in the moment and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of our country and all of the nature near Mexico City.

I’m Pepe and I’m Nouer! See you inside the App! Still don’t know what a Nouer is? We have this article for you.

Download it here.


5 Spots Para Reconectar Con La Naturaleza Cerca De CDMX

¿Quién dijo que en la CDMX no tenemos buenas rutas de montaña? Al parecer hay gente que cree que somos una ciudad gigante y ya. No! Hay lugares increibles donde reconectar con la naturaleza cerca de CDMX, a solo un par de horas del paisaje urbano. Por si no lo sabían. Ciudad de México tiene un buen de turismo de trekking.  Y es que a quién  no le gusta escapar de la ciudad de vez en cuando para tomarse un respiro, conectar con su lado más salvaje,  y escuchar una buena rola mientras disfruta del paisaje y el aire fresco?

Bueno, hoy venimos a contarte los 5 mejores spots y rutas cerca de la ciudad para que puedas tomarte ese descanso y volver a tomar contacto con la madre tierra.

Los dinamos se encuentran dentro de la ciudad de mexico. Lugar perfecto para reconectar con la naturaleza sin tener que ir muy lejos.
Fotografía por moy triana (

Los Dinamos

Este lugar dentro de la Ciudad de México es un paraje natural espectacular, ya que cuenta no sólo con un precioso bosque donde disfrutar de la naturaleza, sino que en él podemos encontrar el único río vivo que existe en la ciudad de México. También es 100% recomendado para convivir en familia y hacer diversas actividades como ciclismo de montaña, montar a caballo, tirolesa…Hay rutas de senderismo tanto para aficionados cómo de varios kilómetros para expertos, recorriendo el río. 

¿Cómo llegar? Lo mas fácil es con un coche o en Uber. Aquí es a donde debes llegar

Tip Nouer: Para hacer trekking recomendamos ir al 5º Dinamo, y la mejor zona para hacer un picnic y menos gente es el Dinamo 4.

El desierto de los leones es un santuario natural dentro de la ciudad de mexico donde te puedes distraer de la vida urbana
Fotografía por _ingrid_mv (

Desierto de los leones

 Otro de los paraísos verdes cerca de la ciudad, se caracteriza por tener un zona boscosa muy bonita en donde puedes respirar aire puro. El convento antiguo de los monjes crea un ambiente mágico en la zona que se siente a simple vista. Además en él, puedes encontrar el cerro de San Miguel con una muy fácil subida y bajada en un solo día además tiene muchos senderos para rutas de bici de montaña tanto para principiante cómo para expertos.

¿Cómo llegar? Lo mas fácil es con un Uber o en coche. Debes tener cuidado que estés yendo al Parque Nacional Desierto de los Leones, porque es un espacio muy grande.

Tip  Nouer: Al final de estas rutas puedes comer unas quesadillas increíbles y si quieres también se pueden rentar cabañas para acampar muy cerca de la ciudad, sólo a unos minutos de Santa fe.

El tepozteco es un parque ecologico y nacional donde puedes escaparte para tener un fin de semana mas natural
Fotografía por mxcharlie (


Unas de las mejores vistas que vas a poder ver las encontramos en lo alto del Tepozteco, el camino no es fácil del todo, sobretodo para gente no habituada a caminatas y trekking, ya que son casi 1700 escalones, pero el premio es increíble. Las ruinas están muy bien cuidadas y la vibra que se respira allá en lo alto es sin duda mágica. También podréis encontrar fauna rural como los coatíes. Es realmente increible y un ejemplo mas de que hay mucha naturaleza cerca de CDMX.

¿Cómo llegar? Necesitas manejar como 1 hora de la ciudad de Mexico, en dirección a Tepoztlán. Tambien puedes tomar un ADO (Autobús) que te deja en el pueblo.

Tip Nouer: Subir al Tepozteco son 2 horas y media de subida y otras 2 y media de bajada, pero es una experiencia muy gratificante. Te recomendamos subir temprano, ya que hace un calor tremendo a medio día. No hay escalones en la mayor parte del cerro así que es bueno llevar calzado cómodo, y también llevar tu propia agua para hidratarte durante el camino.

La peña de bernal es un lugar increible para tomarte fotos y hacer hiking. Reconecta con la naturaleza.
Fotografía por @monica_menmal (

La peña del Bernal

Siendo el tercer monolito más grande del mundo, es un sitio que compagina a la perfección la naturaleza en su máximo esplendor, y el encanto de su hermoso pueblito. Puedes realizar actividades como escalada, hasta rutas para gente más habituada al trekking. La subida es bastante complicada hasta la cima, pero si hay rutas para poder ver las vistas desde diferentes puntos de la montaña. Un lugar rodeado de naturaleza cerca de CDMX.

¿Cómo llegar? Puedes tomar un coche para manejar hasta allá. Son al rededor de 3 horas de camino ya que esta en otro estado. pero vale la pena. También puedes tomar un ADO (autobús) a Querétaro.

Tip  Nouer: Es un lugar lleno de opciones, si no solo te apetece aventura, este lugar te ofrece el pueblito al pie de la peña donde recorrer las calles llenas de música por las tardes y sus comidas típicas, como las gorditas que están exquisitas. PD: sus calles son súper fotogénicas!

Valle de Bravo esta a 2 horas de CDMX. Tiene un clima frio con muchos bosques y un lago.
Fotografía por gabocibrian (

Valle de Bravo

Totalmente recomendado para ir a pasar un fin de semana con amigos y familia, lo bueno del valle es que van a poder realizar todo tipo de actividades: desde escalada a rutas de senderismo para admirar los miradores de los diversos bosques, las cascadas, hasta rutas para experimentados del trekking, running y bicicleta… Es uno de los spots más completos y adaptados a todo tipo de viajero que quiera disfrutar de la naturaleza mexicana. 

Tip de Nouer: Para nosotros el mejor lugar para desconectar un fin de semana del ajetreo de la CDMX, por eso es uno de los favoritos de los capitalinos, de verdad que puedes encontrar casi cualquier deporte al aire libre gracias a su versatilidad (lago, monte, bosque, pueblo mágico….) es una combinación perfecta para descansar un fin de semana  en la naturaleza.

Conectar con la naturaleza es parte importante de viajar, absorber el paisaje, el clima y la vibra. El secreto a un viaje completo es darte estas escapadas rurales. Date oportunidad de estar en el momento y dejarte llevar por la belleza de nuestro pais.

Soy Pepe y soy Nouer! Nos vemos dentro de la App! ¿Todavía no sabes lo que es un Nouer? Tenemos este articulo para tí.

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Ya llegaste al Aeropuerto de CDMX ¿Ahora Qué?

Llegaste al Aeropuerto de CDMX, probablemente después de un viaje largo, pesado o incluso aburrido. Estoy seguro que lo que más deseas ahora es llegar a tu hospedaje en un AirBnb, hotel, casa de un amigo o familiar para dejar tus cosas y salir a recorrer las calles de la Ciudad de México.

Salidas Internacionales en el Aeropuerto Internacional de CDMX

Para serte sincero es algo que todos queremos, pero a veces no sale como esperamos, siempre sucede algo que nos cambia los planes y nos toca improvisar sobre la marcha. Quizá hubo un problema con tu vuelo y no llegaste para el horario de check-in, el anfitrión de airbnb no contesta, o tu amigo tuvo una urgencia y no está en su casa.

La verdad es que puede pasar de todo, siempre digo que “hay que esperar lo mejor y estar preparado para lo peor”, por eso te comparto un par de cosas que puedes hacer después de aterrizar en la Ciudad de México si algo no salió como esperabas.

Hacer tiempo en el aeropuerto de CDMX

Ya se que puedes estar algo desconcertado por la situación o puede que solo estés haciendo una escala en el Aeropuerto de CDMX, pero tranquilo/a, ¿Sabías que los aeropuertos son como mini ciudades? Puedes hacer muchas cosas, desde ir a un café hasta hoteles, bancos, tiendas, comida rápida, bares, bueno, creo que me explico. No importa si compras algo o no, es bueno para pasar el rato hasta que se soluciona todo.

Las opciones que nos da un aeropuerto son suficientes como para un artículo entero, que no te sorprenda ver uno próximamente.

Buscar transporte a tu destino

Para salir del aeropuerto de CDMX e ir a nuestro hospedaje hay muchas opciones en cuanto transporte. Las hay públicas, como el metro o autobús y también taxis, uber e incluso puedes alquilar un auto. Los precios varían y hay alternativas para todos los presupuestos. Por ejemplo a la zona centro de la ciudad (Condesa, Roma, Centro, Polanco): 

  • Uber – $220 pesos (12 USD).
  • Metrobus: $6 pesos (0.3 USD).
  • Taxi de Aeropuerto: $300 (15 USD)

Lo importante es que el aeropuerto está muy bien conectado con el centro y podes estar en tu destino en 20-30 minutos dependiendo del tráfico que haya en el momento.

Check-in antes de tiempo

En algunos hoteles se puede hacer check-in antes de tiempo y dejar tu equipaje en el vestíbulo, es algo que no me termina de convencer, pero es una opción si estás ansioso por salir a conocer las calles de CDMX,o también si llevas muchas cosas y te es incomodo moverse con una maleta. Si quieres hacer esto, acuérdate de llamar al hotel para avisar o saber si es posible.

Hablar con un Nouer

La ciudad de México es grande, esconde muchos lugares y experiencias, los Nouers conocen cada una de ellas, desde nuestra app puedes hablar con uno de ellos y preguntarle qué lugares te recomienda visitar según tus intereses y lo que a ti te gusta.

Creeme que pueden salir charlas interminables, como si estuvieras hablando con un amigo. Aprovecha cada momento desde que aterrizas en CDMX y no pierdas tiempo. Descarga la aplicación, regístrate gratis como viajero y disfruta tu destino. Todo lo que buscas está a un mensaje de distancia.

Descargala ya en tu app store favorita.

Mi recomendación

Como dije antes, puede pasar de todo, y es importante mantener la calma, lo que yo hago en estos casos es tomarme un Uber hasta alguna cafetería cerca del hotel o AirBnb y esperar allí.

Por lo general hay wifi, puedo cargar mi teléfono y descansar mientras me tomo un cafe. Una vez tranquilo, es cuestión de preguntar si el problema se soluciona o no, usualmente se soluciona rápido, pero en casos muy raros de que no, y sea un problema grande, nos toca buscar una solución por nuestra cuenta.

Soy Joel y soy un Nouer, espero mis recomendaciones sobre qué hacer cuando llegas a ciudad de Mexico te ayuden. Recuerda que tu tienes el control y tu decides qué hacer, pero creo que nunca está demás el conocimiento de personas locales como yo.

Por mi parte te deseo un feliz viaje y por cualquier cosa, te espero dentro de la app.

Get to know Noua

¿Qué es la sobrecarga de información y por qué puede arruinar tu próximo viaje?

Acabo de recibir una notificación de Hopper (podemos tener una conversación completa sobre por qué Hopper es la mejor aplicación de boletos de avión, pero solo confía en mí en esta), diciéndome que mi próximo viaje a Playa del Carmen, cerca de Cancún, está casi aquí. Luego, la aplicación Google Trips recoge esto y de repente comienza a mostrarme todo lo que puedo hacer. Antes de darme cuenta de que estoy metido en Internet y recibo sugerencias sobre lugares para comer, dónde debo salir a bailar y beber, itinerarios diurnos, atracciones, las mejores playas.

Estoy desplazándome por una publicación de blog con lo que supuestamente son los mejores lugares para comer, pero, ¿cómo podrían saberlo? Ni siquiera me gustan las mismas cosas que mi hermana y somos familia. ¿Cómo puede una publicación de blog asumir que me va a gustar la comida local, sin saber quién soy? Además, 1,000 supuestamente mejores lugares para comer. ¿Cómo se supone que debo saber lo que es verdad?

Estaba tan abrumado que cerré mi computadora portátil y tuve una sensación muy extraña. Resulta que acababa de experimentar una sobrecarga de información.

¿Qué diablos es eso?

La sobrecarga de información es lo que sucede cuando se escriben miles y miles de piezas todos los días. Cientos de comentarios e innumerables anuncios que intentan que vayas a algún lado o hagas algo. Esto induce ansiedad y estrés a lo que debería estar lleno de emoción y anticipación.

El problema con la sobrecarga de información

Tener demasiada información a mano puede establecer expectativas poco realistas sobre cómo se verá su viaje, según Internet. Tal vez pienses que tendrás una experiencia increíble debido a las imágenes que viste en el blog de alguien o en Instagram. Las imágenes de destino casi siempre representan el lado exótico y sabroso de la vida en una ciudad en particular, lamentablemente, casi siempre resulta ser lo que has construido en tu mente. Puede terminar extremadamente decepcionado de lo que se suponía que era un viaje increíble.

Cuando se le informa en exceso sobre su destino, la oportunidad de accidentes felices espontáneos disminuye. Esos momentos de cómo sucedió esto que lo sacan de su rutina y lo convierten en recuerdos y luego en anécdotas que le contará a todos cuando regrese a casa. La mayoría de las mejores experiencias de viaje son aleatorias, no planificadas y, por lo general, están relacionadas con la vida local y los descubrimientos que realizó. Puede ser un sabor, un ingrediente, un, incluso un monumento. Estos emocionantes descubrimientos a menudo pueden ser lo más destacado de su viaje.

Aquí es donde empeora. A veces, al hacer demasiado, está reviviendo la experiencia de viaje completa de otra persona, incluso antes de darse la oportunidad de hacer la suya. Es como seguir la receta de otra persona o comprar un libro con notas al margen de otra persona. Terminarás viviendo exactamente la misma experiencia que otra persona que ya escribió sobre él. Y nunca estará absolutamente seguro de si sus pensamientos e impresiones son realmente suyos.

No todo es malo, la investigación puede ayudar

Wow, esto se hizo muy profundo muy rápido, vamos a aligerar de nuevo. No puedo decir que no haya un argumento para investigar. Tal vez si vas a un lugar donde ni siquiera puedes comunicarte debido a una barrera del idioma. O te vas de vacaciones de rutina. Diablos, incluso si eres un viajero solitario, creo que es importante entender a dónde vas y en qué te estás metiendo. Si viaja solo, muchas de sus interacciones serán con la población local, es importante conocer las costumbres y los gestos, así como algunas posturas políticas para asegurarse de no meterse en problemas.

Resulta que esto también tiene que ver con el equilibrio. Puede optar por ir a un resort con todo incluido del que apenas tiene que irse o una agencia de viajes que tiene todo hecho por usted y simplemente se sube a dar un paseo. También puede optar por hacer su propia investigación y saltar entre ciudades y destinos. También puede contratar a un asesor de viajes que lo ayudará con los problemas que puedan surgir. El hecho es que todo esto es costoso cuando viajas con un presupuesto limitado, puede ser difícil.

Encuentra el equilibrio y diviértete

Aquí es donde entramos, Noua ofrece la posibilidad de emparejarse con un Nouer, le echarán una mano y navegarán con usted por el desbordamiento de información que existe actualmente. Obtenga visitas obligadas reales. Aprenda cómo una estadía local es segura, pero aún así, fiestas toda la noche. Donde puede comer una comida deliciosa y obtener consejos de expertos para evitar lugares demasiado turísticos. Todo hecho a través de nuestra aplicación, y de forma remota. Usted está siempre en control.

Get to know Noua

The Covid-19 Is Still Here, But You Can Now Travel in Mexico

What is going on?

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 is a reality and it is here to stay. It is inevitable, but what if we have to learn to live with it as much as possible and, of course, taking all preventive measures in the face of this.
Mexico has been preparing little by little to receive all those foreigners who are about to visit us, therefore there are cities that have opened their doors and there are others that have not.

In Mexico, an “Epidemiological Risk Traffic Light” system is used and it is a way to regulate the reactivation of different activities according to the risk of contagion per state. This has 4 colors; Red, Orange, Yellow and Green. The Red indicates total closure with strictly necessary exceptions, the orange color allows the reactivation of essential economic activities with 30% personnel in person (only if necessary), public spaces with a reduced capacity and always with protective measures, the yellow color allows all work activities as long as they comply with the basic protection measures and always taking care of the high-risk population, and the green color enables all activities, including school activities, to be reactivated.

Stay safe

And now you will ask yourself: What are the basic protection measures? Well, these are the use of compulsory mouth masks at all times and in all spaces, be they public, outdoors, etc. There is antibacterial gel at the entrance and exit of any place you enter as well as the temperature taking to allow the passage, the healthy minimum distance of two meters between each person and, if a space is closed, have it ventilated at all times with open windows for air circulation.

Now let’s talk about the tourism industry. In order to reactivate tourist activities little by little, the Health Safety Seal was invented, which guarantees that it is a place that complies with all the protocols imposed by the authorities. Some of the places that already have this seal are Cancun, Mérida, Campeche, La Riviera Maya, Nayarit, Los cabos. At the moment, some of the measures taken are that for all restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, etc., only

It allows a maximum capacity of 30% and, if it is the case, there cannot be more than two people per table, this to avoid saturation and create a focus of infection. In cases such as hostels or Airbnb it is a little different, some have a maximum of people and for a limited time, that is, you can not rent for more than 15 days and others do not, but all have the necessary sanitary measures.
As we know, the airport is one of the places with the highest risk of contagion due to the amount of traffic there is per day, however they also do their best to stay safe, passing relevant information at all times through the screens that there are as symptoms , what to do, who to approach, etc. In all the filters they take your temperature, they give you antibacterial gel, and like everywhere else, the use of face masks and a mask is mandatory. They even give you, before and after boarding, a physical and digital form in which they ask you if you were in contact with any confirmed person of COVID-19, if you have any symptoms, etc. These measures are at all airports, whether you have a direct flight or make a connection to some other destination.

What now?

The new normal is incredible. Sometimes you want to believe that you are dreaming and that this is all just a bad joke, but unfortunately it is not. We have to learn to live with this, normalize to some extent, and start coming back with our lives. If we take care of ourselves and take all the measures and protocols, the faster we return to travel and live more peacefully. But if there is one thing we can be sure of, it is that everything is leaving a lot to learn, we are opening our eyes to what we were doing wrong, we will be much more aware and careful about everything and also … Better things are coming!

Get to know Noua

What is a Nouer?

In this article we are going to tell you the essence of a Nouer, what it is and why it is a fundamental part of the Noua app. What would you say if I told you that you can travel to any city in the world and have a local friend, who has your same tastes and lifestyle and who could give you the best recommendations to make your travel experience unforgettable? With Noua and our Nouers that is possible.

A Nouer is a local friend. A person passionate about his city who likes to show it through recommendations of unique places and experiences, so that travelers experience tourism as if they were local people. They accompany and advise them remotely through instant messages within the chat of our app, answering questions or giving tips.

But what is essentially a Nouer?

For us, being a Nouer is a way of life, it is a way of seeing and teaching the world in which we live, a way of transmitting to others that beauty and that uniqueness that the place in which we live has and above all those desire to to make its culture and its people known to travelers who are lucky enough to visit the city of which they are Nouers. A Nouer loves to travel and knows what it is to travel to a place where he can have that first-hand information from a local friend and wants to make his traveler feel that experience at all times.

A Nouer is proactive and always cares about the traveler living his city with as much love as he does, and asking him if he likes his tips to adapt and provide a unique experience. He will always act as a good friend and he will be attentive to his traveler, making him feel sure of the recommendations given and of the way he travels and experiences the city. Finally, a Nouer is always up to date with what is happening in his city or surroundings: The best restaurant, the best panoramic view, the place that you cannot go without trying … a Nouer loves to give that information and that as a traveler you come back to house with those experiences always given by him, because who is going to know better places than your Nouer?

What does a Nouer gain for giving his knowledge to the traveler?

As Nouer you can earn points and exchange them in our TravelPass for free experiences, discounts and incredible prizes that you will discover and that you will be able to get thanks to your recommendations and the involvement you have within our community.

Are you ready to be part of the revolution in the way of living travel, do you want to be part of our community of Nouers and gain experiences for showing your city through a simple chat? Download our App Noua in the Apple Store and Play Store.

Get to know Noua

Travelpass: Get Rewards

In this article we are going to tell you all the secrets of the Travelpass, how to use it, what it is, what it contains and why it is so important both within Noua and for our Nouers!

As you all know, our Nouers always offer the best tips and advice so that you can live a unique travel experience tailored to your tastes, that is why they, as good connoisseurs and recommendations of their city, need to be motivated, and that is where the creation of our TravelPass, the place where you can get all the rewards for our thanks to the excellent service they provide to travelers.

How does this TravelPass work?

Very simple, within the app, in your Nouer profile you can find a section where you can see the points you have available to be able to redeem them on your Travelpass. These points will be obtained thanks to your excellent service Te Nouer, recommending and ensuring that your traveler has the best possible travel experience and that he leaves your city with the best taste in your mouth and with the conception that he has lived it as a authentic local person. In addition to the points received for your excellent service, you can earn points by participating in our Giveaways, Nouers challenges and being an active part of our community.

What are these rewards about in TravelPass?

In our TravelPass you will find rewards to redeem within your city or the country to which you belong. These rewards can range from discounts on certain services, to free experiences of all kinds: gastronomic, tourist … Even great rewards such as free nights in hotels, discounts on flights and accommodation … You can redeem the points that will appear at the bottom of your profile de Nouer to your liking in all the experiences you want. As if it were a credit card, the more points you have, the greater rewards you can choose. You have to be attentive and review your TravelPass from time to time in order to be eligible for the best experiences that will change and grow as time goes by.

Another of the important tips of the TravelPass is that when you are a first-class Nouer and accumulate enough points and experience as a recommender, you can also choose to use the international Travelpass and exchange your points for international experiences outside your city or country.

Ready to live with Noua and our TravelPass the best experiences in your city? Become Nouer today and start earning points from the first moment on our App!